History (2/5)

We spend eight months before we found another singer. His name is Eirikur Hauksson, and comes from Iceland. He just blew our minds when we first teamed up. He moved to Norway, and we started to work seriously together. We made a two-song demo and went to London to get a record-deal. We must have visited 40 or 50 companies during the week we spend there. We went home empty-handed. Of coarse no one would offer us a deal with a two-song demo. But that didn't stop us.

In Feb.-87 we got a deal with a local recording studio to be. We helped to build the studio, and in return we would get a free recording of a whole album. We recorded our first album "Another Return" in summer-87, but we didn't get a deal until the next year. Actually we had several offers. I remember we were thrilled to choose between record companies. Anyway, we made a one-album deal with Active records and a five-album deal with Metal Blade US.