History (3/5)

We got reviews we never dreamed of in the English metal press. I remember Kerrang gave us 5 K's (top score) and Metal Forces 100 p. (top score) We thought we would be superstars.
But we were too reluctant. We never dared to trust anyone. The result was almost no touring, and as a metal band I think touring is the only way to go if you want to be successful. We had no management and a lack of communication with our record companies. (This was before the e-mail system)

We did a two-week tour in Norway, a couple of gigs in Iceland and we spend a lot of money. We had fun though)

We got our advance money for the next album, and we started to work with "For the sake of mankind" in spring-90. I remember we prepared very well before entering the studio.
We had all the songs ready, and we recorded the songs within a month.
We mixed the album in a different (and expensive) studio in Oslo during summer-90.
I remember we were very pleased with the result.