History (4/5)

Unfortunately we had no deal in Europe at the time, and the album didn't sell too well. Grunge-metal was very "hot" this period, and we felt ARTCH was more or less a "has been band." The album was released in US, Japan and Norway, and we did a few gigs in Norway and Iceland.

During 1991 the band sort of faded out on it's own, and no one put any effort into the band anymore. We did our last gig in our hometown christmas-93, and already we had been split up for more or less two years.

In november-99 we got a call from Michael Trengert at Metal Blade EU. They were eager to release our two albums again. We were amazed and honored at the same time. We did a gig in Oslo regarding Scream's 50th. edition anniversary. We were overwhelmed with the response we got.

This time we need a replacement for our drummer Jørn, because he had a different situation now. We asked our long time friend Gudmund Bolsgård, and he fit perfectly in the band.